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Sarpy County is the quickest growing in the state of Nebraska, but expansion in the southern part is hindered by a lack of sewer infrastructure.

Today, the area is served by Omaha’s system, but it's not sustainable for the future.

Sarpy County has significant opportunities to continue to grow with adequate infrastructure in place. The industrial market has boomed in the area in the last five years and has the opportunity to become a hotspot for large developments.

Sarpy County is positioned to be the main benefactor of Omaha’s growth given its accessibility and land.

The Sarpy County and Cities Wastewater Agency is coordinating the Unified Southern Sarpy Wastewater System project.

About the Unified Southern Sarpy Wastewater System

The Unified Southern Sarpy Wastewater System will include an interceptor sanitary sewer and a cooling water service line that conveys clean cooling water from data centers to a basin in the southern part of Sarpy County.

The Unified Southern Sarpy Wastewater System will be the wastewater utility provider of choice to businesses and families in the area.

This sewer system will enable economic development through public infrastructure development.

The SCCWWA estimates that commercial, residential and industrial development will generate approximately 4,700 new full-time jobs, and bring in $37 billion in net new spending and $24 billion in net new earnings over the next 30 years.

That's a lot of opportunity for Sarpy County.

Serving the People

One of our goals is to understand what the people need and to deliver it.

As the chosen wastewater utility provider, the SCCWWA promises cooperation, collaboration, and support, growing and flowing towards the goals of infrastructure and economic development to the common public.

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