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Completion and delivery of this sewer line is the largest economic development opportunity in and for the state of Nebraska for the next two decades.

See behind-the-scenes imagery of the project in motion.

See the Segment 1 and Segment 2 flyover video

Agency board members "breaking ground" at a dirt-turning event at the Springfield Community Center in April of 2022

SCCWWA Breaking Ground.png

General contractor, S.M. Hentges, breaks ground near the existing Springfield Wastewater Treatment Plant to build Phase One of a sewer system that will operate effectively for years to come.

S.M. Hentges & Sons Inc..png

Former railroad property, just north of Platteview Road, before breaking ground.

Jan 2022.png

Excavation of the launching shaft, which would become the access point for boring equipment, on the north side of Platteview Road.

Receiving pit north of Platteview Rd.png

The inlet structure for the cold water blowdown line of the equalization basin, east of the existing Springfield Treatment Plant.

Grouting CWB outlet to eq basin.png

The former railroad property, just north of Platteview Road, in construction progress.

April 1, 2022.png

Installation of a road crossing's steel casing, which protects the carrier pipes from long term damage.

Pipe Structures.png

Crew advancing the steel casing across Platteview Road.

48” casing adapter 20’ in at Platteview.png

A hydro excavating machine, drawing groundwater from Platteview Road's launching shaft.

Vac truck removing silt_soil from sci 48” casing.png

Crew installing a trench box and shoring equipment that ensure that they stay safe when positioning new buildouts.

Sewer Build.png

This is a drill rig, removing soil borings in a non-invasive way to review the soil conditions before full-scale digging endeavors.

Drilling for SCCWWA.png

Two crew members are installing a manhole base, which are access points for maintenance projects, to ensure the sewer system runs efficiently for years to come.

Sewer Build SCCWWA.png

The SCCWWA continues to operate through consistently systematic protocols.

SCCWWA Manhole.jpg
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